Breathing life into the inanimate

Kanji Ishii is fixated on capturing the perfect image. Literally. From the time his father gave him his first toy camera, on to a career born of love for the process, Kanji has obsessed over his framing, composition and lighting.


His end goal? Breathing life into the inanimate, and elevating objects into items to be coveted.


He leads a team of technical precisionaries who share his passion for production and collaboration, ensuring clients love the process too. Whether shooting an exquisite piece of jewelry, a designer handbag or colorful cosmetics, Kanji’s focus is on making the image in his viewfinder match the vision in his client’s mind, while also achieving executions they would have never dreamed possible.


Born in Yamaguchi, Japan, Kanji studied photography in Tokyo before moving to New York to gain hands-on experience assisting industry craft masters. Opportunity knocked when he was given honor of shooting  a worldwide campaign for Chanel, and other iconic brands soon came calling.


When he is not pushing photographic boundaries, you can find Kanji steering his 25 ft sailboat around New York Harbor or flying an airplane above it, all with the same spirit of wonder and exploration.


Studio, Kanji Ishii Inc.
1166 Manhattan Ave. #401
Brooklyn, New York 11222